ACat Forsale – 2003 Bimare Javelin

Great boat, I call it Screamin Seaman – CAN 33

The reason for my selling is that I would like to build a new F-22 from plans: Build Blog and will not have the time to enjoy racing this very fast A-Cat.

- Glaser sail (2006)
- Fiberglass hulls, rudders and dagger boards
- Carbon Cross Beams
- Net is in Great Shape
- Padded covers for both hulls for Trailering
- Includes Beach Wheels
- Long Trailer – Can Carry 2 A-Class Cats & Beach Wheels
- Optional Spinnaker Kit (Bow Sprit, Lines, NW Sails Spinnaker)

Dagger board trunks were removed and reinforced Summer 2009. Trunks are so strong now that the boards will break off before they break into the trunk and damage the hull. Cost was over $2,000 in supplies and labour.

The boat is stored at the Jericho Sailing Center in Vancouver, BC and the spot is transferable with the sale of the A-Cat.

Willing to deliver in the Pacific NW (at an extra fee to be negotiated) or I can arranging shipping if required (at buyers expense).

A-Cat & Trailer, Spinnaker Kit: Complete Package – 20 BTC

Multi Signature Process, BTC Address to Initiate Purchase: 1HnFiqoft9748fUnTErMgaTZbYJRbKNtvG


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