What the hell am I thinking? I said to myself, this is nutzo, why would you possibly want to build a boat… isn’t your life busy enough? damn man give it some more thought… so I did.

I had been reviewing and studying F-22 build blogs for many weeks now, reviewing, rerevewing the F-Boat.com site and contemplating what was right for my family.  Through deep thought & discussions with friends,  I came to the realization that it was the right thing to do for many reasons besides doing what we love as a family unit such as weekend get aways and being competitive while still playing safe in regatta’s.  The regatta circuit, the friendships we have made over the years & the joy of competition, were all contributing factors to this decision.

Why Build?

Well this would not be plausible to build it myself (would otherwise need to contract out) without the enthusiasm and support of Bob Davis.  I have access to a shop that will provide more than adequate room to build the F-22 inside, access to all materials, tools and experience to pull this off quality the 1st time.  Ron Tomas has already started to source foam/materials for my build!  Damn these guys are great :)

I want to make modifications, I experienced multiple aftermarket modifications to CheekeeMonkee and frankly, its really expensive to do… potentially putting foils in the floats, modifying for bunks, control station, custom galley etc. it makes sense to start fresh.

Its a challenge :)

My other options include applying my plan purchase towards a kit or production boat, anyway it was going to be, I was making a commitment to the F-22 one way or another.  These are all options however depending upon timing, building would be the fastest way of getting to float, let alone the most rewarding.

Over the coming days, weeks, months we will be updating progress, frustrations and our thoughts, sharing our experiences with building one really sweet a$$ multi which can cruise and kick it up when sailed hard :)

~ Jason


Shakin it up…