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Station Laser Cutting

Yesterday we went to review the DXF files and how they were going to be imported to AutoCad and test cut some cardboard.  When we showed up, the station looked like a snake with funky curve lines and weird angles, something was just not quite right.

We ended up converting the dimensions from mm to inches to properly size for cutting.  Additionally we needed to remove the center line due to the inability to properly import and modify the DXF files in AC, then nest to fit the 10 MDF sheets required for all the stations.  In the end, with the conversion complete, we ran 2 samples, a main hull and float station.

After comparing the station samples against the full size patterns, they matched very well.  We were good to go for the next evening so after work the next day we picked up the materials and set off to the Laser Cutting.  We arrived with MDF in tote, ready to get moving on the Laser.  It was an exciting time, knowing that the station cutting was going to be completed tonight, without having to transfer the patterns & manually cut, a great time saver!

After modifying position we were ready to begin, now came the time to start cutting.

After our initial stations were  lasered, we cross compared again against the full size patterns, they matched very well:

we were pleased and continued to complete the remaining 9 sheets.  Here are a couple station shots (-:

With stations complete, we transfered them to the shop.  The 1st Milestone has been reached!

Next is to begin working on the strongback however with Thanksgiving upon us, it looks like this will begin next week after I recover from all the Turkey and Pumpkin Pie ;)


Another Planning Session…

*text* “i know its last minute… but… how about swinging by on the way home to review the plans, Ron’s coming…” Bob Davis

I made my way home for a quick dinner and off to Bob’s house for a plan review.  We pulled out the full size patterns which are water soluble  (notice there is no liquid in those pint glasses) which need to be well protected in British Columbia AKA the Wet Coast…

Having a closer full size review

It was really cool to lay out the main hull patterns and visualize how it will be.  Standing with toes to main hull, it was like you were lying down in the Vberth.  We layed out all the plans, matching as we went, it was a great time discussing & generating our strategies as we went:

Full size plan floor layout :)

We reviewed the material lists, estimated the initial start up budgets on initial pricing, purchased the DXF files, arranged for laser/jet cutting, organized the strong back materials schedule (identified housekeeping etc.) and proceeded to make estimates on milestones such as hull completion and called it a night.

I expect to receive the DXF files over the coming days, once they have arrived we will be making the necessary arrangements for a trip to get the MDF/materials to begin the forms C&C and subsequent strongback construction prepping for the vertical foam stripping which is the most advanced and fastest procedure with numerous advantages.

It was a great night tying up loose ends and putting together a move forward plan :)